IPTV Analyser

Product overview

WatchiTV is a complete application suite consisting of WatchiTV Portable, WatchiTV for the handheld CSA platform, WatchiTV Distributed and WatchiNET for advanced packet capture and traffic generation.

WatchiTV contains several measuring items, including STB Simulator, STB Booting Monitor, ATUR test and MPEG measurement.

Key Applications

Presentation session
IPTV client access and EPG scan.
Application session
H.264, MPEG4 and MPEG-2 transport stream measurement.
IP transportation
IPTV system performance.
STB intialisation monitoring and ADSL loop quality information (ALQI).

WatchiTV: IPTV Expert Analysis Brochure
Watch VoIP Analysis Brochure

IPTV Test Equipment

Product features...

  • Real time video playing with live channel/video on demand.
  • Load testing in xDSL downstream bandwidth by VOD, internet access and FTP test simultaneously.
  • TVoD unicast/NVoD and live TV multicast IPTV services supported.
  • Auto detection of MPEG-2 over IP transport stream.
  • MPEG-2 TS measurement.
  • Stream recording.
  • Real time statistics.

STB Simulator

The user is able to give commands in order to simulate the STB via this interface, such as making HTTP requests to the Middleware first and displaying the web information returned. You may choose to send IGMP or RTSP commands or play movie data instantly in order to simulate scenarios. Transporting heavy equipment, such as STB or TV is no longer necessary. Using WatchiTV, you can solve problems and manipulate all presented testing status within the IPTV system. WatchiTV displays a double window simultaneously enabling you to follow all traffic that relates to the desired Internet connection and IPTV system. The total flow in the ATUR can be presented with a combined chart. Within the chart, different colors differentiate the distributed flow rate to verify the setup of DSLAM bandwidth allocation in the Internet and IPTV system.

IPTV Test Suite   Test IPTV with WatchiTV

STB Boot Monitor

During the test of IPTV systems, the STB plays a very significant role as a key component. It controls all the communication between the end-user and connected systems. Therefore, the STB needs a fundamental set up. Depending on the setup, the STB communicates with the relevant system and acquires messages when the system is under power-off status. However, when a problem occurs with the setup or the system source, that may result in various problems, the STB Boot Monitor interface can provide the solution. When end users re-activate the STB, this interface must be initiated simultaneously. Then end users can follow the STB activation procedure step by step to monitor every segment. In the case of system failure, the system will submit a description of the error in real time, such as IP setup error in the Boot Server or Mount Path setup error. This function enables the engineer to reduce the number of errors with a very efficient approach.

Control Signal Analyzer

The IPTV system has a bilateral interaction function through the extensive use of a large number of protocols. Hence, real-time analysis of the network protocols is very easy to perform in order to solve problems. When you change a TV channel, either the channel remains the same or perhaps responds too slowly. When you fast forward a movie, it doesn't’t respond to this command. Whether such problems are a result of network or application layer this must be examined. In addition, the IPTV system often uses movie encryption system to prevent movies from unauthorized access. The Control Signal Analyzer interface enables the user to monitor the encryption system instantly, in order to see whether the decryption key is delivered correctly to subscribers or not, and troubleshoot this process.

IPTV Analyser

ATUR Physical Layer Test

Most IPTV systems are established based on ADSL structure. When subscribers encounter problems which may be caused due to malfunction of the copper wire, the engineer can check the ADSL setup values through this interface to further analyze the responded message, such as upload and download values, and so forth. Upload noise margin and bit per tone can be reviewed to clarify relevant problems.

MPEG Measurement

Subscribers’ impression on IPTV services lies in the quality of the video signal. The first priority is to ensure the signal transmitted to the end user. Previously IPTV system operators did not have equipment to check their system. Therefore, the only method they had to check the system was to manually observe the systems and TV monitors. Now the video signal from the network can be detected automatically via the WatchiTV MPEG interface. All problems will be recorded and saved in the system database which can be used for further analysis and troubleshooting.

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