CSA - Convergent Services Analyzer

Test Data, Voice and Video

Product overview

CSA is a modular platform suited for both copper and multi-service testing. Ruggedly constructed yet lightweight and with longer battery life, the CSA is a cost-effective test platform that easily scales to any testing needs.

CSA provides easy testing for multiple Data, Voice and Video services. It is a future-proof solution that can move between Circuit Switched and Packet Switched migration and may be economically deployed nationwide within your network.

The CSA is a truly international product which may be deployed worldwide while meeting local telecommunications specifications standards.



Product features...

  • Large 7" touch screen display.
  • Hand held and rugged.
  • Lightweight with long battery life.
  • Modular design with Gigabit Ethernet Triple Play and ADSL Triple Play platform interface modules available.

Features Continued

  • Linux-based open platform ensures readiness for tomorrow's applications today.
  • 7-inch, large graphical colour TFT LCD display.
  • Easy-to-use touch screen with multiple-language user interface as well as auxillary robust operation keypad.
  • Swappable battery-powered operation of up to 12-hours with best-in-class battery management system.
  • Rugged construction, lightweight (<1.5 Kg), ready-to-go design.
  • Built-in Ethernet switch for traffic analysis in Convergent Technologies.
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet, mini USB and MMC slot for external connectivity.
  • Built-in speaker with stereo headset and microphone ports.
  • Ships with a large optional selection of popular applications such an an internet browser, telnet, text editor, media player and image viewer.
  • Modular design with ADSL Triple Play, GigE Triple Play, DSL TIMS, PDH/NGN SDH Convergent and VDSL Triple Play Platform Interface Modules (PIM).

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