CSA - GigE Triple Play Module

Test 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Network

Product overview

AnaCise GigE Triple Play PIM for the CSA platform is capable of testing 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet networks, providing field demanding functions and conforming to the latest demands of Next Generation Network (NGN) Triple Play services.

Available as a single port module with one 10/100/1000BaseT electronic UTP and one 1000Base X optical SFP port, or dual port module with two 10/100/1000BaseT UTP and two 1000BaseXSFP ports. CSA GigE Module Brochure.

The CSA (Convergent Services Platform)
The hand held CSA platform supports Gigabit Ethernet and ADSL Triple play modules. The unit is lightweight (<1.5Kg) with rugged construction and powered by long life battery. The large touch screen display makes the unit a pleasure to use with an iintuitive and versatile GUI. CSA Platform Brochure.


Product features...

  • Single or dual port 10/100/1000Base module configurations available.
  • Measure Ethernet performance with BER or IP QoS payload.
  • Easily repeatable tests (RFC2544) for throughput, latency,frame loss, back-to-back, recovery and reset.
  • Real-time IP Qos testing.
  • Optional Triple Play analysis software suite (Data, VoIP and IPTV) .
  • Large touch screen LCD display on CSA.


Features Continued

  • Complete test functions from physical layer to application performance measurement for the managed Ethernet services.
  • Support, Data, VoIP and IPTV application analysis with optional Triple Play Analysis Suite software.
  • Comprehensive prioritisation support including VLAN Q-in-Q, layer 3 IP ToS and Cisco DSCP.
  • IP QOS measurement conforms to the recommendation of ITU-T Y.1541.
  • Passive monitor to gain insight into end user Quality of Experience.
  • RFC 2544 test validate the efficiency, response time, link burst and service integrity for an interconnected network.
  • Bandwidth billboard gives users a simpe view of network statistics with top talker ranking list.

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