CSA - ADSL Triple Play Module

Test Data, VoIP and IPTV

Product overview

The ADSL Triple Play module for the CSA platform is an ideal tool for ADSL installation as well as trouble shooting IPTV or VoIP service quality.

The ADSL module is accomodated within the handheld CSA platform and support five modes of operation:

- Modem Termination (MT)
- Ethernet Termination (ET)
- Modem Pass Through (MPT)
- Ethernet Pass Through (EPT)

CSA ADSL Module Brochure

The CSA (Convergent Services Platform)

The hand held CSA platform supports ADSL and Gigabit Ethernet Triple play modules. The unit is lightweight (<1.5Kg) with rugged construction and powered by long life battery. The large touch screen display makes the unit a pleasure to use with an iintuitive and versatile GUI. CSA Platform Brochure.


Product features...

  • Test ADSL, IPTV or VoIP.
  • Modem Emulation provides maximum connection rate, signal noise margin, attenuation, Tx power, capacity, bits per tone and much more.
  • Time stamped alarms and protocol events are displayed.
  • Auto scanning for ATM VPI/VCI.
  • Detailed IP/ATM traffic statistics in real time.
  • Easy to prove operation of supplied ATU-R.
  • Provides true Ethernet traffic statistics with error data for up/downstream while executing an FTP/HTTP access test and commissioning.
  • Large touch screen display on CSA.

Features Continued

  • Modem termination/pass through,ethernet termination/pass-through tests.
  • Programmable scheduling test with alarm/events log.
  • Optional internet service test-true HTTP WEB browser and FTP test.
  • Optional ATM/IP layer tests-PPP/Ping/trace route/FTP and ATM OAM tests.
  • Optional Wireless LAN 802.11b/g tests.
  • PLM physical loop meter HW option featuring DMM/RFL/distance to open and short meter/kick and leakage resistance tests.
  • Triple play analysis suite (TPAS) option.
  • IPTV: STB simulation and MPEG measurement.
  • VoIP: SIP phone simulation and call quality and call analysis per ITU-T G.107 E model.

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