Argus 145

Combined Tester for ADSL2/2+, G.SHDSL*, ISDN*, POTS*, Triple Play: VoIP*, IPTV/VoD/MDI*, Download Test


Product overview

The ARGUS 145 offers an exceptionally broad spectrum of measurement functions & supports tests on SHDSL, ADSL, ADSL2 & ADSL2+ as well as POTS, U-interface & BRI accesses.

The Argus 145 is a comprehensive tool for installation, maintenance & development testing of DSL, ISDN, POTS, VoIP and IPTV services & equipment.

The unit enables you to check that the wiring allows DSL services & that the promised services are being delivered. Determine quality of service automatically within seconds by receiving connection rates & noise margins from the DSLAM.

PING the service provider to prove internet connectivity, test the xDSL modem by IP PING via it's Ethernet port & support xDSL modem bridge mode.

See the ADSL transmission spectrum on the large graphics screen of the Argus 145 & find degraded spectral regions by interfering noise sources.

Argus 145 ADSL, ISDN and Analog hand held tester

Product features...

  • One tester for all requirements.
  • Fully automated access test reports.
  • Lightweight & easy to operate.
  • Rugged & ergonomic handheld design.

The Argus 145 also allows ISDN testing at BRI S/T* (TE/NT*) and U interfaces* in a TE or leased line operation mode, POTS tests are also possible.

For testing higher layers and for evaluating audio and video data, a full VoIP phone emulation* and IPTV analysis feature* are available (Triple Play Functions).

All other local loop impairments will be detected by the RC measuring function.

*Denotes optional feature.

WINplus - Automated Test Report Software (supplied as standard)

WINplus is a standard software package for the Argus 145 allowing firmware update, display printout, storing of automated SHDSL, ADSL & ISDN access tests.

TraceSim VoIP - VoIP Test Software Package

Connected to the Ethernet backbone, it provides numerous features, such as a list of active connections including comprehensive statistics and analysis of quality parameters (PESQ/MOS score, jitter, packet loss, delay,...), generation of VoIP traffic, alarms signalling for proactive maintenance. See VoIP PDF for more information.

Features and Specifications

*Denotes optional feature.

ADSL2+, ADSL2, ADSL Interface Functions

  • ATU-R simulation for ADSL2+, ADSL2, ADSL.
  • Standards supported: ANSI T1.413.2, ITU-T G.992.1 (G.DMT) Annex A / B, ITU-T G.992.3 Annex A/B / L (Reach Extended) / Appendix 1, ITU-T G.992.5.
  • Versions available for: ADSL over POTS (Annex A) and ADSL over ISDN (Annex B), both available in the same tester.
  • Automatically measures & displays many upstream/downstream parameters of the line.
  • ADSL cell & bit error statistics (upstream & downstream).
  • Timestamped on-screen event trace.
  • Pass/Fail result according to defined Qos thresholds.
  • Built in POTS microfilter.
  • Graphical preparation of ADSL synchronisation loss and error counters above the time using WinAnalyse*.

G.SHDSL-2 wire* and SHDSL-4 wire Interface

  • Standards supported: ITU-T G.991.2 (G.SHDSL), Annex A, B), ETSI 101524 (ETSI-SDSL), supports SHDSL.bis (Enhanced SHDSL).
  • STU-R simulation (acts like CPE), STU-C simulation.
  • DSLAM-SDSL / G.SHDSL ATM operation.
  • Full support of all Argus 145 ATM/IP functions.
  • Switch over and automatic detection of the wire pairs.
  • Works in bridge or router mode (only STU-R ATM).
  • Stores access test reports for documentation.
  • Voltage measurement.
  • Repeater counter.
  • Automatically measures & displays upstream & downstream parameters of one or both lines.
  • Error counters.

ATM Tests

  • OAM F5 loopback support.
  • VPI/VCI scan returns list of available VPI/VCI.
  • ATM PING (end to end or segmented).
  • ATM statistics.
  • Setup multiple VC's (Virtual Channels)

IP Functions

  • Test internet connectivity to the ISP & the real download rates.
  • Protocols: PPPoE, PPPoA, IP over ATM, Ethernet over ATM, IP, PPTP.
  • Display of PPP assignments.
  • VLAN support (VLAN ID configurable).
  • User selectable WAN or default WAN MAC address.
  • DNS client/server mode (DNS relaying), support of two DNS.
  • DHCP client/server.
  • NAT/PAT address resolution (NAT can also be disabled).
  • DHCP, PPP (IPCP) & static IP addressing.
  • PAP or CHAP authentication.
  • PING test for response time analysis.
  • Trace route function for extended PING analysis with hop count.
  • Download test by HTTP/FTP; upload test by FTP.
  • Recording of internet login sequence & other IP tests on PC in PCAP file format for protocol analysis.

VoIP Phone Emulation*

  • Includes own acoustics (several codecs supported).
  • Simulation of incoming and outgoing SIP calls.
  • Auto answer mode for incoming calls, answer type: echo test.
  • Configurable simulation parameter: STUN-server, codec (choice and priority), SIP registrar server, SIP user agent name, SIP authentication domain/realm.
  • Displayed simulation results: STUN-server, incoming and outgoing call, display of call progress, name, alias and IP address of the remote station, call duration, codec/rate, packet delay, packet jitter, packet loss.
  • Displays VoIP statistics, SIP status log.

IP Video Tests*

  • Broadcast TV (UDP or RTP): IGMP
  • Video-on-demand: RTSP
  • Set-Top-Box (STB) emulation with source IP address and port selectable, adjustable MAC address and DHCP support.
  • Packet statistics.
  • Determination of the MDI (Media Delivery Index).
  • IPTV online trace.
  • Broadcast TV: Video quality of service, transport stream analysis and statistics, transport stream PID.
  • Video on Demand (VoD): VoD stream information display, transport stream analysis and statistics.

Ethernet Functions

  • Ethernet 10/100BaseT interface.
  • Tests on Ethernet port of DSL modem as Ethernet TE (PC replacement mode).
  • G.SHDSL* & ADSL modem replacement mode (bridge-mode).
  • PC replacement mode (Argus doesn't replace user's PC), with protocol PPTP support.
  • Recording of internet login sequence & other IP tests on PC in PCAP file format for protocol analysis.

U & POTS Interface Functions*

  • U interface in accordance with ANSI T1.601.
  • Line coding: 2B1Q or 4B3T.
  • Test in TE mode at U interface same as at S/T.
  • Measurement of U interface voltage.
  • POTS interface with DTMF and pulse dial mode, flash function (40-1000 ms), loop resistance: appr. 600 Ohm.
  • POTS voltage measurement incl. polarity (hook-on and hook-off).
  • Automatic detection of POTS interface.
  • CLIP, supports display of FSK and DTMF caller ID (date, time, name...) adjustable DTMF signal level, signal and interval length.
  • High-Z monitor with non-intrusive listen-to on POTS and U.
  • Built in POTS micro filter allows POTS operation on lines with DSL traffic.

BRI S/T Functions*

  • BRI interface in accordance with ITU-T I.430.
  • TE/NT* simulation & D channel passive monitoring.
  • Automatic detection of access configuration & protocol.
  • Supported protocols: DSS1, Cornet-T / N, QSIG, VN4.
  • Display of layers 1, 2, 3 & the B channel status.
  • D-channel monitor with online output for PC decode.
  • Automatic ISDN services test.
  • Automatic test of supplementary services.
  • Telephone functions with the Call hot-key.
  • Selectable B-channel, en-bloc or overlap signalling.
  • Measurement of Call Setup time.
  • Selectable call parameters for outgoing calls.
  • Terminal simulation for different ISDN bearer & tele services.
  • Bus status test with interrogation, display & clearing of the active call diversions.
  • Automatic X.31 test.
  • BERT with evaluation in accordance to G.821.
  • Test ISDN leased lines.
  • Measurement of round trip delay and interchannel delay.
  • Layer 1 tests.
  • Display of Layer 1 Info S0-S4.

RC Measuring Function

  • Loop resistance measurement - accuracy 10%.
  • Open capacity - accuracy 10%.
  • Includes loop length calculation.

Display VDSL2 Parameter Using Argus 33

  • Connect Argus 145 using Ethernet to Argus 33 to display all the Argus 33's VDSL2 connection parameters.
  • Test Triple Play such as VoIP*, IPTV/VoD/MDI* and down or uploads connecting Argus 145 as TE to Argus 33 in bridge mode.


Power supply provided, or standard rechargeable batteries.

Standard Package

  • Tester including rechargeable batteries, power adapter, cable set for ADSL, user guide, carrying case & USB PC interface cable.
  • WINplus PC software for firmware updates & display, printout, storing of automated test reports.


  • DSLAM-SDSL / G.SHDSL 2-wire interface.
  • DSLAM-SDSL /G.SHDSL - 4 wire interface.
  • SHDSL.bis support (Enhanced SHDSL).
  • VoIP phone emulation.
  • IP video tests (IPTV, VoD, MDI, online trace).
  • ISDN and POTS interface.
  • U interface module (2B1Q or 4B3T).
  • BRI NT simulation.
  • BRI 128k BERT.
  • Argus 33 for testing VDSL2.
  • Winanalyse PC software (for D channel decoding and graphical preparation of ADSL synchronisation loss).
  • Serial interface cable (USB cable in standard package incl.)
  • Argus car charger.

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